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My Abhilasha is an Organisation for the Underprivileged and Not So Fortunate Children and Women. It is more of a self driven Social Entrepreneurship initiated by Abhishek Das and Tanusree Das. Apart from working in the Banking, Hotel, BPO and IT Industry for more than 15 years, Abhishek is also the founder of Abhilasha Trust, Abhishek worked for children who are needy, who are lonely or deserted, he deals with street children who works in tea stalls, brick fields or begs on the road forcefully and are denied admission to school. Till date Team Abhilasha has admitted more than 3000 of these children into Secondary and higher Secondary School. Since Since 2010, Abhilasha has transformed many lives and brought priceless smile on their faces through their holistic way of work for sustainable development.

​Talking about the backbone and the pillar of My Abhilasha, Tanusree has completed her B.ED after completing her M.Sc in Economics from Calcutta University, currently working as a teacher in a reputed CBSE School and a mother of a one year old child, she gives valuable inputs and guides Abhishek with her gritty ideas.

If Abhishek has done all the hard work, Tanusree has continuously supported the initiatives in-spite of different challenges of life and given the kids a chance to smile.

Above all its you who stood beside us selflessly, hence we take this opportunity to thank you all from the core of our heart and seek your help so that we can bring more positive changes for the society.

Dharam Kothari, a social media expert and a child hood friend has been a great support apart from Suman Shahi and his wife who is always putting a lot of time and energy on Abhilasha are an integral part of the organisation.

Indrani Mullick, a woman of a strong charecter and grit has managed her banking career along with her family has played one of the most important roles for Abhilasha. She and her Bank stood beside like rock solid and gave strength to move forward.

Tanoy Saha and Shantanu Das both being very busy with their Software Projects all around the world are always concerned and guides the children in the right direction with their knowledge and humble personality.

Pritha Majumdar has been playing a very important role and is multi tasking for the betterment of the organisation. She is pursuing her studies from Delhi University and also a working professionall. She has completed her B.A in Sociology. She has successfully taken the responsibility of managing the FB Page, the Volunteers and the Teachers for a smooth operation.

Shraban Dutta is a Kind Guy, Always An Avid traveler, a Believer, a Nature Lover, and a Learner for Life has been playing a role of a Resource Mobilizer who is helping the Organisation with his Corporate Links and performing his social responsibility with utmost love and care. His contribution is playing a pivotal role in the over all growth of the Organisation and is helping to change many lives in sustainable manner.

All the names mentioned have played a pivotal role in the all round developmment of the Organisation.


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