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Personal Information:

Name: Ataul Ali Molla

Age: 15 Years

Sex: Male

Fathers Name: Sattar Ali Molla

Mothers Name: Amina Bibi

Village: Marialli, Sundarban P.S: Minelba, District: Sundarban

Current Address: IC Block, Near Kendriya Vidyalaya 2, Saltlake

Ataul’s simple village life took a drastic change when he was forced to leave his village in Sundarban due to the Cyclone ‘Ayela’ in 2009. His family, like many others ones, migrated to Kolkata in search for economic stability. At first the families started to live and beg on the pavements opposite Nicco Park; later a slum was built for them in the area.


Despite the difficult circumstances Ataul had a keen interest in studies but, Ataul’s parents could not put him through mainstream school due to their financial constraints. With our Education project Abhilasha Ataul’s, parents now believes that their aspirations to educate their kid can turn into reality.

When Ataul first came to our Abhilasha School his focus was diverted and he did not interact much with anyone in the class but slowly with some extra guidance from the teachers he made remarkable improvements. Ataul was enrolled in main stream Goyalbati School near chingri ghata in class 3. Now Ataul is in class 8 and has become the class monitor. His efforts have been praised by his teachers as well as his parents. He has become an example in his slum. To contribute to his family economically Ataul works in a factory every day after school. But despite all the setbacks he has manage to continue his studies smoothly at the end of the day.

Ataul is still among the regular students in our Abhilasha school as being the first generation school goer in his family he needs proper guidance in the studies and he even takes initiatives to teach and guide other kids in the school.

Personal Information:

Name: Sapna Sardar

Age: 12 Years

Sex: Female

Fathers Name: Jebon Sardar

Mothers Name: Sima Sardar

Village: Marialli, Sundarban P.S: Minelba, District: Sundarban

Current Address: IC Block, Near Kendriya Vidyalaya 2, Saltlake

For Sapna Sardar, happiness means – Abhilasha school, Teacher Didi and her current home in the Abhilasha. Living in the congested backdrop of Saltlake, in West Bengal her life isn’t as easy as it might seem. To earn two-time meals, her parents work as daily wagers and hardly get time to look after her and her siblings. Being the eldest daughter Sapna thus takes the whole responsibility of raising them with undivided love and care for them.


When Sapna first came to our Abhilasha school she use to stay aloof and made minimum interaction in the class she did not show any interest in studies as well. But slowly with some extra effort from the teachers she has shown remarkable improvement. Now Sapna is among the regular students in the class and she takes initiatives to teach her small siblings also.


It wasn’t difficult for us to sensitize and convince her parents to enrolling the children in our Abhilasha school and they all are going to Government School. They are now glad to have taken their decision as their kids have developed keen interest in studies and extra-curricular activities.

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