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During COVID 19

During the LOCKDOWN

At this current situation (during COVID 19 and Lockdown) we are all in need of something or the other. People who worked at different factories, dhabas, restaurants, tea shops etc are not getting daily/contractual wages due to which they aren't able to feed themselves and their family. Many families are there who are not eating the full meal at a time rather dividing the one time meal into three parts so as to feed themselves till dinner.

Hence MY ABHILASHA and its members together gathered contribution from their respective friends and acquaintances, followed all the protocols set by the government and over coming all the socio-economic-political hindrances and then distributed basic ration and amenities (rice, potatoes, pulses, soyabeans, mustard oil, puffed rice, biscuits, chatu, sugar etc) and sanitary napkins among the families who are currently is in a crunch situation because of this Lockdown.

Individual commitment to a group effort. That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work and social organizations work.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. This is exactly what MY ABHILASHA and ONE STEP FOR HUMANITY is doing during this pandemic situation, team work.

Thank you each and every members for your relentless effort, from planning to buying to packaging you have been great. 

Thank you everybody for your selfless help and support.

Places we covered: Cossipore, Sothchashi, Basanti Colony, Kamarhati, Sobedabagan, Dakhineshwar and Sonagachi.

Family Covered : More than 1000 (More than 4000 individuals from 1st April 2020 till date (11.05.2020)

Items Given : Basic Ration which includes Rice, Dal, soyabeens, oil, Atta, Potatoes and Sattu.

Basic Hygiene included : Soaps and Sanitary Napkins

Thank you each and every individual, corporates, members, volunteer, well wishers, donors for your selfless help and support. Without your constant encouragement this wouldn't be possible specially during this tough time. Together we can beat this Lockdown, together we can bring some relief to the people who are the victim of this deadly situation.

We shall overcome.

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