About The Founder


A small piece of information about myself. This is for them who call me to know about Abhilasha and of course about me and my background.

Born and brought up: Tollygunj, Netaji Nagar, Regent Tower from age 1 to 15 years. As reference I am tagging three of my childhood friends without their permission Anindita Nag Ghosh Sanghamitra Chowdhury Diparati Chakrabortty

I did my schooling from Julien Day: For reference I am tagging Reshma Bhadra Das Sanjay Gupta Trisha Biswas Dharam Kothari sorry guys couldn't ask for your permission.

My first job was at Bodyline sports at the age of 19 as my father rejected to give any pocket money and showed me the door and said there is a world outside the door. For reference I am tagging the owner of Bodyline, Bhaiya very sorry without your permission I am tagging you Gagan Sachdev ... This is important hope you understand, little sensitive as well. Thank you.

College: Jaipuria... I hardly attended college because I worked during the day time and did my studies at night (not trying to compare with vidyasagar) tagging Mohammed Yahya .. love you bro.. for all the support.Graduated with 55%.

I worked for HSBC, PARK HOTELS, KENILWORTH, MAVEN INFOTECH I am tagging Dwaipayan Ghosh Sharmi Banerjee Sinha Nandita Ghosh Abhijay Mehta Chayan Sinha Vivek Chhaparia who have seen me struggling.

Few of them exactly know what Abhilasha mean to me. Jhuma Ghosh Sinha Ritaja Das . Didis I am tagging you without your permission.

Ok. Now the most important person who literally saw me throwing tantrums, scream in pain, crying, breaking things, going bonkers, showing attitude, showing ego, shouting, screaming but still loves me unconditionally is my wife Tanusree Das who has witnessed every damn thing. I left my corporate world when she was 6 months pregnant still she encouraged me, inspired me, motivated me to go ahead.

She saw me going down,she saw my ups, She is the one who takes all the shit and never gives up on asking whether I ate, took my medicines, applied sanitizers or wearing masks or not. So in whole this is what I am, crazy, mad, dog as I rejected jobs from DELL (BANGALORE) IBM USA AND my wife constantly supported me like a pillar, whatever it is... Eeh anyways LOVE YOU FROM THE MOON AND BACK.

Together we can transform lives, this is what I told myself and started MY ABHILASHA. Transformed many lives, took many risks, survived without food etc.

Thought of being a bit loud about my journey. Sharing this piece of shit with you was important.

Thank you everybody for your continuous support. Selfless love. Thank you for tolerating me. If I forgot mentioning your name. I am sorry.

Accha for the lat 5 years I do project management and consulting many NGOs like UNICEF, CHILD LINE ETC and right now I have a garment business doing with Samrat Banerjee and few more businesses with Abhishek Terry ... Bhai sorry toder permission chara toder tag korlam.

There are some silent players who supported and played a pivotal role to build Abhilasha is MR.TIM GRANDAGE (FUTURE HOPE) Geeta Venkadakrishnan (HOPE FOUNDATION) Shanto Baksi (ALL ROUNDER)